My Approach to Therapy

I believe that successful psychotherapy is based, first and foremost, on a trusting and collaborative relationship between therapist and client. Meaningful communication of concerns on the part of the client, coupled with caring and insightful feedback on the part of the therapist, provide a foundation for successful work.

My therapeutic style is informed by cognitive-behavioral strategies (which examine client’s beliefs about themselves and others, their strengths and vulnerabilities, their present and past coping strategies, and their attitudes and interactions with others).

My work also incorporates awareness and respect for broader factors such as  physical challenges, personal beliefs and lifestyle choices.

An emphasis on holistic health (i.e., well-being in the domains of mind, body and spirit) is incorporated into the treatment model.

My interpersonal style is often described as actively involved, direct and caring. I also believe that a sense of humor is invaluable in maintaining perspective and navigating the challenges of life.